About the Club

We are designed for just that purpose. Owners will have unlimited in/outs while storing with us. We want our members to enjoy their cars.

Our members will have the perk of driving to the facility in one of their vehicles, and leave in one that is stored. We have the car owner in mind!

We will offer 6 month, 12 month or longer contracts. We will also offer month to month storage for those with short term needs.

We are open 7 days a week. Exceptions would be some holidays or private events being held in the club.

AVG offers in-house detailing services by Reshine Detailing in a dedicated 1,100 sqft garage space.

Yes we will offer spaces that will be off the floor on parking lifts.

Yes you will need to show proof of ownership and insurance coverage prior to being stored.

We will not offer this in this facility.

Yes, members can book events for the club.

Depending on your membership level, you will be able to bring up to 3 guest as a founding member.

We are 15 minutes to the airport, or 15 minutes to downtown Nashville. Located just off of Interstate 65, convenient to get to and from our facility.

Paint Protection Film

The STEALTH and PPF clear bra films come with 10 years warranty. This covers

  • Staining
  • Yellowing
  • Cracking
  • Delaminating
  • Bubbling

Maintaining your vehicle’s clear bra PPF effectively requires a gentle approach. Regularly wash your car with a pH-neutral shampoo and soft wash mitt, ensuring you dry it thoroughly with a microfiber towel to prevent water spots. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive tools that can damage the film. For stubborn stains like bird droppings, or tree sap, promptly use a PPF-safe cleaner. Applying a synthetic wax or sealant designed for PPF can enhance its gloss, while also making it easier to clean off debris and bugs. It’s crucial you have your PPF inspected by a professional XPEL installer annually to check for any needed repairs or adjustments.

XPEL PPF clear bra comes with a 10 year-warranty against a wide range of issues which also includes fading or yellowing of the film. Please ask us if you need further information on how this works!

Yes, you can get your car washed at automatic wash but make sure you wait for 48 hours before washing the car. However, we do not recommend taking it to a car wash with brushes as it may and can very well damage the PPF beyond repair.  Our recommendation is to hand wash your vehicle for the safest and cleanest option.

Yes, you can use a pressure washer on PPF clear bra paint protection films. You can typically wash the car after 48 hours as this is the time required for the film to dry completely after the installation. However make sure that high pressure water is not used directly on the edges.

There are very low chances that the PPF will cause any damage to the OEM paint. Paint systems used on high end cars nowadays produce minimum bond strength of 16 MPa and maximum of 25 MPa between the panel and the paint. The PPF bond to the painted surface is 0.0753 MPa. Therefore even after years of exposure to heat and sun, the bond increases to 0.17 MPa. Thus even in the worst case scenario the bond of the panel to the factory paint is 94 times stronger than the bond of our film to paint. Therefore if the film is removed by a professional, it will not cause any harm to the vehicle’s paint.

Yes, you can easily apply a coating on the film. Adding XPEL FUSION Ceramic Coating on the film will not affect its self-healing feature. This combination not only amplifies the PPF’s protective qualities against scratches but also adds the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating, making the surface easier to clean and more resistant to staining and UV damage. If the coating wears down, you can still enjoy the self healing feature of PPF clear bra and STEALTH.


We offer a transferable lifetime warranty on the following lines of our window film (CS, XR and XR PLUS). The warranty covers against cracking, peeling, bubbling, delamination, fading and color change for the life of the film. The warranty is transferable and will continue with the car even in the event the ownership change.

Installation time typically ranges from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the type of vehicle and the number of windows being tinted.

You have the option to either wait for the installation to finish or leave your vehicle with us. If you choose to wait, we offer a comfortable waiting area equipped with free Wi-Fi and restrooms. Additionally, you can enjoy our in-house racing simulator to make the time fly by.

If windows are rolled down too soon after the installation, the tint can peel up. If this happens, we can redo windows at a low cost or free depending on circumstances. To avoid this, we recommend keeping your windows up for at least 2 to 4 days.

Cure time refers to the drying time of the leftover application solution after an install. While we try to get all of the solution off after every application, it is nearly impossible. Therefore, the cure time depends on the film type and drying time of the remaining solution. While this is happening, it is still performing to its full capabilities, but you might see bubbles, haze, streaks, or other visual defects while drying. Don’t be alarmed! This is completely normal while the remaining solution evaporates. . Additionally, the cure time can vary given different circumstances. If it’s a hot summer day, the film might be cured in a few days. On the other hand, if it’s a chilly winter day the curing process might last a few weeks. During the cure time, it’s normal to see bubbles, streaks, and other visual defects.

Once windows are tinted, wait a week before cleaning them. Cleaning them too soon can mess up the tint before it fully dries. After they are tinted, your windows will have been wiped down but will likely need proper cleaning with a soft paper towel and non-ammonia cleaner after 7 days. Not recommended to use “Windex with Ammonia-D” or blue-colored cleaners. You can usually find a “tint safe” or “window film safe” glass cleaner at your local auto parts store. Find a glass cleaner that is ammonia free.

The black dots or patterns at the edge of some windows are made from a Teflon material that is applied at the factory. Their purpose is to hide trim lines and edges on different vehicles. This Teflon material, although purely cosmetic, can make it difficult to apply window tint which is designed to go directly onto the glass. There are situations where it might prevent window tint from sticking, such as if the dot patterns or lines are too thick at the top of the window. Depending on the thickness of the material, it can cause a lighter or different look in the area that the dots and lines lie. However, this poses no risk of peeling.