Auto Vault Garage was founded for car enthusiasts by car enthusiasts. We believe classic and exotic cars should be showcased to highlight their splendor, not hidden away in warehouses. That’s why we created more than just a garage—we built a facility that will allow the owners to admire and appreciate their vehicles while being expertly cared for.

The safety and security of the cars in our care is our top priority. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with the latest security, fire and safety technologies to ensure that cars stored with us receive top-tier security and protection. Our storage area is only accessible by select staff.

Our collection is visible from our club mezzanine so our members can enjoy socializing against a backdrop of a unique collection of cars. We have an extremely efficient CO2 monitoring system along with heat, air and humidity control. Every storage space in the facility is set for trickle chargers. Members’ vehicles will be cleaned upon arrival or re-arrival and placed back in its spot to maintain the showroom condition.

Initial Storage


We will provide an extraordinary storage experience from day one. Upon arrival each vehicle receives:

  • A complete inspection and photo/video documentation of its condition
  • Hand wash and dry prior to returning to storage
  • A drip mat underneath the vehicle to monitor any potential fluid loss

Each storage space is equipped with access to a power outlet for a battery tender.


Departure & Return

Prior to vehicle check-out, we will perform a complimentary inspection to check the lighting, horn, wipers, tire pressure and clean the windshield so you can arrive and drive worry-free.

Upon return, your car will be checked over and returned to its allocated position in the storage area. To maintain a clean, pristine storage facility, your car will require a wash and dry upon returning from a drive.

Other Services

We will offer a wide range of in-house services including:

Hand Washing & Detailing

Hand Wax & Polishing

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Window Tinting & PPF Installation

Battery Charging

Transportation Arrangements

Motorcycle Storage starting at $100/mo.

…and more!